Growing up in Europe - in my native Croatia - I was able to experience the simplicity and beauty of island life. Enjoying things as they were in centuries past, always observing and capturing the natural beauty.

I remember my father placing the first camera in my hand, picking me up high above his head during the intense thunderstorms, struggling to keep me there as long as he could, till I felt the perfect picture was captured. The lightning as it lit up the sky across the mountains caught by my little camera seemed all that mattered.

As I grew I enjoyed paying close attention to the stories that could come from simple objects, faces and emotions of people alike. As a child observing a beautiful flower for the very first time, I was constantly absorbed, in all the simple yet profound nuances with every detail of every petal, the same, yet still, uniquely different.

As Croatia went through the changes necessary to rise to independence, I observed a different energy through my lens, that of suffering, plight and the spirit of survival, hope, rebuilding and renewal. As America became my second home, I had the opportunity to, again, experience the different ethnic and cultural energies and that of extravagance, comfort, convenience and competitive nature.

Through my eyes I felt the changes of life and with my camera and lens it not only lives just in memory,but now forever for all to see. If your desire is to tell a story where a picture is worth a thousand words and much more than people can ever imagine, then let Damira Maricic Photography capture the essence of your life and work through the timeless practicality of my lens.


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